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Sustainability, Simplified

Corporate Citizenship is more than just our company name. It’s a statement about the role companies should play in the world of today.

Citizens are fully part of society. They have rights, but also responsibilities. And good citizens don’t take a short-term ‘I’m alright’ attitude. They work to build up the common good.

Our job at Corporate Citizenship is to help our clients go about their business – to make their investors a fair return, for example – in a way that is both responsible and respectful of all their stakeholders and sustainable for the future

Why Corporate Citizenship

What we believe

Some people say corporations are the problem – too powerful, too destructive, too greedy. And it’s true companies are centre-stage on many of the big issues facing the world today. That’s why we believe they have to be at the heart of the solutions too. And it’s corporations that can create the wealth, innovate with new technologies and organise the large scale actions we need if we are to tackle those problems. So at Corporate Citizenship, we are pro-business. We want to work with you if you are in the business of adding real value, now and in future years, for your investors, for those who depend on you and ultimately for the good of all life on this planet too.

Our people

Amanda Jordan OBE Amanda Jordan OBE
Co-founding Director, London
Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson
Director, London
Charlie Ashford Charlie Ashford
Senior Researcher, London
David Logan David Logan
Co-founding Director, London
Esther Toth Esther Toth
Consultant, London
George Blacksell George Blacksell
Intern, London
Grace Palazzolo Grace Palazzolo
Associate Director, London
Hayley Warren Hayley Warren
Intern, Singapore
Helen Rushton Helen Rushton
Director, London
Hugh Macpherson Hugh Macpherson
Senior Researcher, London
Ian Buckland Ian Buckland
Associate Director, London
Jay Shah Jay Shah
LBG Co-ordinator, London
Jon Akpapunam Jon Akpapunam
Intern, United States
Jon Lloyd Jon Lloyd
Associate Director, Head of LBG, London
Junice Yeo Junice Yeo
Director, South East Asia
Karin Laljani Karin Laljani
Managing Director, London (Danish)
Lars Ludvigsen Lars Ludvigsen
Consultant, Scandinavia (Danish)
Linnea Texin Linnea Texin
Consultant, United States
Maggie Law Maggie Law
Marketing and New Business Executive, London
Megan DeYoung Megan DeYoung
Director, United States
Megan Stoffer Megan Stoffer
Senior Researcher, United States
Mike Tuffrey Mike Tuffrey
Co-founding Director, London
Mitun Majumdar Mitun Majumdar
Associate Director, London
Nana Guar Nana Guar
Senior Consultant, London
Nick Jackson Nick Jackson
Senior Researcher, London
Peter Truesdale Peter Truesdale
Associate Director, London
Richard Hardyment Richard Hardyment
Associate Director, London
Rupali Patni Rupali Patni
Associate Director, London
Stephanie Caun Stephanie Caun
Consultant, United States
Sue Woolcott Sue Woolcott
Directors' PA, London
Thomas Milburn Thomas Milburn
Consultant, London
Victoria Hartley Victoria Hartley
Associate Director, London
Yohan Hill Yohan Hill
Associate Director, London

Our partners

In the constantly evolving corporate sustainability landscape, strong relationships with trusted partners are essential to maintaining a leadership position. Our excellent relationship with partners in the fields of benchmarking, communications and sustainable business publishing add insight and value for our customers.

The London Benchmarking Group (LBG) provides a globally recognised framework for measuring and reporting corporate community investment that is aligned to all major corporate sustainability indices.
Corporate Citizenship Briefing Corporate Citizenship Briefing
Corporate Citizenship Briefing (CCB) rounds up key corporate social responsibility headlines from around the world in a free, daily digital publication. It also offers a monthly analysis of the changing landscape for sustainable business.
Chime Chime
The Chime Group helps customers to create, manage, monitor and market their businesses, brands and reputation. As one of the first carbon neutral communications companies, it offers unique insight on leveraging the benefits of corporate sustainability.
Carbon Disclosure Project Carbon Disclosure Project
Corporate Citizenship is an accredited provider and consultancy partner of the Carbon Disclosure Project.
Amida Amida
Amida is a specialist recruitment business dedicated to global Sustainable Development.
The Good Relations Group The Good Relations Group
The Good Relations Group is a public relations and communications agency, one that specialises in helping clients build and maintain trusted brands.
Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals
LBG partners with ACCP on a pilot program to improve companies' ability to measure the impact of corporate community investment.
Acre Acre
Acre is an international recruitment and executive search firm specialising in the corporate responsibility, energy efficiency, carbon, environmental and health & safety markets.
Triple Pundit Triple Pundit
Triple Pundit provides expert editorial coverage and group discussions on sustainable business in the 21st century.
CSR Europe CSR Europe
CSR Europe is the leading European business network for corporate social responsibility with around 70 multinational corporations and 34 national partner organisations as members.
Realized Worth Realized Worth
Realized Worth works with companies to engage employees in citizenship programs.
Eco-Business Eco-Business is Asia-Pacific’s leading website for cleantech, eco-cities, sustainable business and corporate responsibility. In addition to online media, the company runs round tables, conferences, TV campaigns and bespoke media projects.
Be Movement Be Movement
Be Movement is a social enterprise that celebrates the courage to be through  their socially conscious publication and conceptual social fairs
PAPAYAPATHS helps the hospitality industry meet the growing demand for sustainability by facilitating access to best in class green solutions that can give positive returns to all stakeholders.
British Chamber of Commerce-Singapore British Chamber of Commerce-Singapore
The British Chamber of Commerce is a leading international and local business forum in Singapore.
Singapore Compact Singapore Compact
The Singapore Compact for CSR is a national society committed to bringing the CSR movement forward.