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Pioneered by Corporate Citizenship, LBG’s measurement model provides a robust global standard for measuring and reporting on corporate community investment.

“Essential membership for any company with a community programme”

Founded by Corporate Citizenship, LBG provides an internationally recognised global standard for measuring and reporting corporate community investment. Currently more than 300 companies worldwide use the LBG model to quantify the value of their community programmes, both to their business and to society.

  • LBG is for companies serious about community investment
  • LBG provides a robust and credible framework which measures the real value and impact of community investment to both business and society.
  • LBG provides accurate and current information on how companies invest in society.
  • Companies using the LBG model are demonstrating their continued commitment to society. LBG helped businesses invest $2.65bn in local communities in 2011/12 alone.
  • All the main Corporate Responsibility indices have embedded LBG methodology.
  • The consistent approach applied by all LBG members facilitates benchmarking amongst peers, competitors and sectors.
  • LBG is a network of member companies managed by Corporate Citizenship and run by members for members
  • The LBG model was created and its brand and integrity is maintained and protected worldwide by Corporate Citizenship


For more details see the LBG website