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Sustainability, Simplified
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Our pragmatic approach to environmental issues helps to provide a clear road-map for clients in addressing their environmental impacts.

We believe that a company’s approach to responsibly addressing environmental concerns is most effective when tailored to its specific organisational context. We help our clients identify and address their unique environmental challenges, at whatever stage they are in the development of an overall management approach.

We help our clients by providing:

  • Clear and reliable advice on the measurement, management and communication of environmental impacts, risks and opportunities facing their business
  • A broad base of practical experience in responding to the types of challenges they may face
  • Tried and tested tools and approaches for addressing specific management and reporting requirements
  • Practical support and a network of specialist partners to help our clients achieve their environmental and wider sustainability goals

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Corporate Citizenship discusses, in its recent publication Corporate Perspectives on Water, how leading companies are responding to challenges associated with water stewardship. This publication reveals practical steps and emerging trends in sustainable water management, and also highlights a number of relevant case studies.