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We plan strategies to make the most of your corporate community engagement and investment programmes, delivering measurable value for your business and society.

At Corporate Citizenship we are expert in planning and executing corporate community engagement programmes that deliver maximum value to both your business and those you invest time and resources in.

We develop community strategies that are aligned closely with business objectives, that are designed to deliver measurable results and that can be effectively evaluated and reported as they progress. Using tools such as the LBG (London Benchmarking Group) reporting framework for corporate community investment, we are able to track the real impact of programmes on both your community and your business.

Our approach to corporate community involvement is built on partnership, identifying partners and building relationships that can support your objectives and maximize the impact of your investment. And we have a proven track record in unlocking the potential of brands to spearhead corporate community engagement through cause-related marketing campaigns.

Corporate Citizenship & Realized Worth: Corporate Community Partnership

Corporate Citizenship and Realized Worth have partnered together to offer a joint service in corporate community investment. By leveraging our deep experience in employee engagement and community investment, we are committed to provide support to your company to unlock the influence of your diverse resources – whether financial, human, or intellectual – to help solve society’s issues and be the best corporate citizen.

We understand that companies and the communities in which they operate are continuously evolving. While these new developments create exciting new opportunities, this ever-changing landscape also makes it difficult to keep your corporate responsibility program fresh and relevant. Our approach will help reinvigorate the passion and enthusiasm among your audience to build the momentum needed to drive your community programming forward and set your company apart as a recognized leader in corporate responsibility.

Based on your company’s unique business, culture, and needs, we will help review, design, and execute a strategy that will produce a meaningful and measurable impact in your community. Each of our strategies is developed to help your corporate community investment program meet five key objectives:

• Stand out as a leader
• Exceed expectations
• Align with business objectives
• Establish trust among stakeholders
• Achieve results

Whether your company aims to review your entire community investment strategy, your employee volunteering program, or a specific signature program, we can refresh your strategic plan to inspire and motivate your audience into action. This strategy will be refurbished to better enable your company to share the real, unique value of your efforts, in numbers as well as stories, with your employees and wider community.