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BDO Environmental Footprint

Environmental sustainability consultancy for an award-winning accounting firm.

Our four-stage model addressed a key corporate responsibility concern in mapping environmental impacts.

BDO: environmental footprint measured and managed

Environmental responsibility emerged as an early priority for the corporate responsibility policy of BDO, the award-winning UK member of the BDO international accounting group. Corporate Citizenship’s environmental model provided clear measurement and understanding of the organization’s carbon footprint and other environmental impacts; and has provided the basis for a five-year environmental management programme.

Clear measurement and understanding of the organization’s carbon footprint and other environmental impacts.

Corporate Citizenship


  • Develop a programme for measuring and managing the BDO environmental footprint
  • Engage employees with BDO’s environmental strategy and demonstrate the firm’s commitment to reducing environmental impacts
  • Demonstrate leadership on the issue to customers and other stakeholders



Corporate Citizenship used the bespoke four-stage environmental model to measure key areas of BDO’s environmental footprint, including carbon emissions and wider impacts. We established BDO’s first firm-wide environmental policy, established key metrics and measured them annually to assess progress. A workshop played a key role in helping to map environmental impacts, starting a process of employee engagement that has formed a key part of the environmental management strategy.  



  • Through our work on BDO’s environmental management programme, we have helped the firm to meet the expectations of its leadership team, employees and customers on environmental issues.
  • Our ongoing support and advice on best practice in environmental management, monitoring and reporting has helped to ensure that BDO keeps pace with the changing corporate sustainability and competitive landscape.