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Assurance for ANZ

ANZ is one of the largest companies in Australia and New Zealand and a major international banking and financial services group, among the top 50 banks in the world.

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Assurance for ANZ: corporate responsibility adds business value

For the major international financial services and banking group, ANZ, corporate responsibility has long been a business priority. With the group pursuing a super regional bank strategy that involved expanding its footprint across the Asia Pacific region, Corporate Citizenship crafted an assurance strategy that reflects issues in new markets and delivers additional value and insight to the business.


  • Deliver an AA1000-based assurance statement covering ANZ corporate responsibility
  • Develop an approach to reflect the changing balance of ANZ’s business
  • Provide insights for the future development of ANZ corporate responsibility policy
  • Support continued excellence in Corporate Responsibility for ANZ



Corporate Citizenship’s approach to ANZ assurance has included engagement of external partners and representative groups of employees, close co-operation with those developing a CR framework for the group in new regions, benchmarking against ANZ’s peer group and assessing ANZ sustainability policies and programmes against newly released ISO26000 guidance.



  • ANZ’s willingness to be challenged through the assurance process has driven continued excellence in corporate responsibility.
  • In a mark of the group’s thoroughness, Corporate Citizenship has been commissioned to carry out ISO3000-based assurances of key ANZ processes such as the Customer Charter and LBG-based community data collection.
  • All assurance activity concludes with a detailed, comprehensive and practical Management Letter with insights and practical advice for continued improvement.